Spaces For Hire

Multipurpose Studio Spaces in a Premium Inner West Location

This XL-sized warehouse space allows for great flexibility and a range of options for your production.

Seating, portable walls, plinths and other elements can all be arranged to create a range of moods and functional spaces.

Mothership’s level access main space has 370 square meters of riggable, flexible space and a 7 meter high ceiling.

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Gallery One is an inviting and cosy space with a large sunny street frontage bordered by warm sandstone walls.

This high-visibility space is suitable for artists wishing to exhibit smaller works, and is full of desirable nooks to highlight signature pieces.

Gallery One features white wooden walls which can be used to mount framed works or shelves for smaller art pieces, as well as wooden beams in the ceiling suitable for the suspension of hanging work or projection equipment.


Gallery Two has 4.8 metre high ceilings and a wide open floor space making it ideal for large hanging or freestanding art works.

This Gallery also features white wooden walls and wooden beams perfect for installations and performance art.

Often used as a companion space to Gallery One, this area can also be used for small book launches and poetry readings.


Set in the very centre of the ground floor, Gallery Three offers over 30 metres of wall hanging space and is a great location for feature exhibits.

Capable of hosting a large collection of freestanding or plinth based works this space is also suitable for installations and performance pieces.

The wall space can be expanded even further with the use of our freestanding modular wall system.

Gallery Three also features white wooden walls and wooden beams.


Filling the space between Galleries Two and Three is The Theatre.

A vast space with 7 metre high ceilings, The Theatre can be used as a blank canvas to showcase mammoth installations and sculptural works.

It also serves as a great space for film screenings, fashion shows, live performance and small theatrical productions.

The Theatre features three runs of adjustable box truss, backstage and green room facilities as well as comfortable tiered seating for 100 people.

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