Lara Colby

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Lara Colby (Lala Light) is a Sydney-based visual artist who is gradually making her mark on the Australian outdoor festival scene.

Growing up among the lush rural landscapes of Kendall on the Mid-North Coast of NSW, Lara’s works are often inspired by the distinctive bush-land of country Australia, distopian and utopian fantasies, the alien-like qualities of the land and humankind and our relationship to these ideas.

Having moved to Sydney in 2008 to study visual arts at Montgomery Art School and most recently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at National Art School, Lara was drawn to the Australian bush doof scene. This resonated with her love of rural landscapes and their intersection with artistic and creative expression.

In recent years, Lara has been preforming live art and showcasing her paintings at a number of local festivals, including most recently Psyfari (2015), Yemaya (2015), Void (2015), Regrowth (2015), and Dragon Dreaming (2014). These performances have allowed her to merge her love for land, fantasy, community, music and art into new and exciting experiences from which she has drawn much inspiration.

Her works evoke the power of feminine energy, the mystery of the Australian landscape, psychedelic experiences and vast dreamscapes, at times surreal, other times grounded in lifelike representations. Lara’s art captures her depictions through narrative of social, political and environmental interpretations.

Last Updated On October 15, 2018