Katarzyna Niedzielak

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Polish born, Sydney based textile artist.

Katarzyna works with wool and plant fibres which she turns into 3-dimensional shapes, sculpture, wearable art and textiles using the ancient technique of wet felting. She also enjoys using the needle felting technique, which involves stabbing a barb needle into the fibres to create the desired shape. Wool is such a wonderful medium to work with, it is soft, adaptable, versatile, and it has endless possibilities. Her favourite art form is sculpture, bringing 3-dimensional shapes to life in such unconstrained ways allows her to truly express her creativity

Katarzyna took lessons and courses from renowned textile artists and sculptors including but not limited to Anita Larkin, Pam de Groot, Fiona Duthie and Yekaterina Mokeyeva, which resulted in trying most forms of felting techniques in a very short space of time.

The artist derives inspiration from nature, art, fantasy, social concepts and community connections. Katarzyna is a resident of Mothership Studios in Marrickville, Sydney where she works and exhibits alongside some of the most talented Sydney artists.


Last Updated On October 15, 2018