Exhibition proposals


We generally do short shows: an opening night and 5 days, gallery open 12-3 every day.

We can show more artists this way, and the total outlay for gallery hire is smaller – an important thing for emerging artists.

If you want a longer show, we can arrange 2 or 3 week slots. Book early, and keep an open mind about concurrent evening events in the space during the show.

If you’re dreaming of a show but you’re having trouble finding enough artists whose work is a good fit for your theme, Mothership Studios can help! Make the application and we’ll meet to discuss your brief, then help you find more artists through our Wiki.

Gallery rental is $60 per day for the front galleries, a total of $300 for a regular show, with a $15 per day loading for long shows because they’re harder to arrange around other events. Full space hire is $100 per day.

This person is responsible for making payments and co-ordinating artists and will be assisted/supervised by the Mothership Studios curator-at-large.
We have to have both phone and email for the contact person.
We're going to start publicity pretty fast after confirmation so you're going to want to have thought about this already.
Just briefly tell us about themes and concerns, media used and/or why these artists in particular.
Date range of when you hope to have the show. We will get back to you with possible dates if your proposal is accepted.
Whether you are booking the small front gallery only or the full space. The curator-at-large may make a determination that you don’t have enough work to occupy the deceptively enormous main space and suggest adjusting the booking. Best to trust us on that, it's a BIG space.
This is where you tell us the names of the artists who are going to be in the show. The form will add more entry fields after you've done one. Late additions can be added through a dropdown menu on the artist signup page. All artists signing up will automatically get an entry in the Mothership Wiki.

Drinks by donation will be provided at the opening. Email and social media publicity and gallery minding are provided by the Mothership Studios curator-at-large. Credit card payment facilities are available.