The Devil’s Picturebook: Draw Three Cards

OPENING Sunday 1.9.18 6pm-8pm

This weekend, artists Heathcliff Sheridan, Kay Orchison and Tommie Kelly each bring their own distinctive interpretations to the ancient art of Tarot.

On the evening of this Sunday 1st of September, please join us between 6pm and 8pm at Mothership Studios for the launch of The Jigsaw Tarot, The Kitchen Sink Oracle and a celebration of the Forty Servants Deck.

Heathcliff Sheridan is a visual artist and practicing Wiccan.

The Jigsaw Tarot is based in his long-standing collage practice. It focuses on the use of found images to describe the nature of the Major and Minor Arcana in a minimalist modality.

His oblique symbolism demands a clarity of purpose in the reader and his textural use of photocopying and tearing distances the deck from traditional overly-prescriptive detailed illustration.

Kay Orchison is a multidisciplinary artist and accidental psychogeographer.

The Kitchen Sink Oracle is a cardification of the divinatory practice his friends insist on describing as Trashomancy: he collects things from the gutter and thinks it means stuff.

Using pareidolia and free association to read random objects as symbols and making “sentences” out of them as metaphors for possibilities distracts the mind from overthinking and allows you to surf the waves of emergent probabilities.

Art, dreams, magic and childhood all share a neurological origin aft of the frontal lobes and these cards are a portable method of tapping into that without having to walk 10km a day and collect icky things with your actual fingers.

Tommie Kelly (Ireland) is an artist and writer.

His popular magick blog Adventures in Woo Woo also features his painting and photographic work. The Forty Servants is a 40 card Oracle Deck that can be used as a Divination system and a Magical system.

Like other Oracle Card Decks, it can be easily used for Divination to gain insight on problems at hand, discover insights from the past, or look somewhat into the future.

However, unlike most other Oracle Decks it has a second purpose -a Magical purpose. The 40 Characters of the Deck can also be used as Servitors (Or Servants/ Powers/ Energies/ Archetypes) to get you more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

Exhibition continues until Saturday 7th September, by appointment only. Please call Kay on 0487 440 886 for more info.

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CALLING ARTISTS AND CREATORS OF ALL MEDIA – Mothership Studios is now seeking proposals for our Spring/Summer 2019/20 Gallery Program. For more info or to express your interest, please head to our website or email the Gallery Coordinator at . . . . . . #mothershipstudios #zerogravitygalleries #pinkflamingocinema #emergingartists #sydneyartists #unswartanddesign #nationalartschool #sydneycollegeofthearts #affordablegalleryspace #artistcallout #artistcalloutsydney #innerwestarts #marrickvillearts #artistproposals #callforartists #sydneypainters #sydneyillustrators #sydneyjewellers #sydneytextiles #sydneyfilmmakers #sydneybands #sydneypoets #sydneywriters #sydneyprintmakers #sydneysculptors #sydneyactors #sydneyceramicists #sydneycraft #sydneyarchitects

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Artist Made presents Sage Fury – a Summer 2019 Collection

Feb 6 at 6 PM – Feb 17 at 7 PM

–We would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, the Cadigal and Wangal People of the Eora nation. We would like to pay respect to Elders past, present and future, and all indigenous people dispossessed by European colonisation.–

Artist Made is excited to present a new collection of artworks by Sydney-based visual artist Sage Fury at Zero Gravity Gallery.

The exhibition features a fantastic series of paintings in many delicious palettes. There is a special collection of other pieces by Sage and guest collaborators Johanna Glassborow and Rob Maxwell in a variety of mediums.

– Exhibition duration –
Wed 6 Feb to Sun 17 Feb
We welcome you to come and hang out!
Mon – Fri 6pm – 8pm
Sat & Sun 10am – 4pm

Botanical Mechanics

Opening Night:
Friday, 15th of March at 6pm!

Curated by:
Grace Kingston

Opening Night Performances:
F.A.B. presents: Pinkwashing [Marlena Dali & Matthew Grant]
Skye Gellmann

Exhibiting artists:
Paul Matereke
Jason Wing
Cecily Lomax
Thomas Thorby-Lister
Thomas C. Chung
Jessica Pickford
Tessa Rex
Tamara Hall
Onnie O’Leary
Christie Torrington
Jordan Charles Stokes
Monika Viktoria Diak
Herbert Peppard
Rowena Grace
Angel Gill
Pewka Zilla
Susannah Boothroyd
Misty Lee Talbot
James Mudd
Liron Gilmore
Jen Campbell-Smith
Louise Campbell-Smith
Monica Fahey & Joel Cohen
Cayn Rosmarin & Leigh Perrett

The methods and systems in which plant-life communicate, grow, feed, mobilise and reproduce is fascinatingly sophisticated. Surprisingly, many of these processes and systems are mirrored in our contemporary, technologically activated lives. Botanical Mechanics brings together a diverse selection of artists, scientists and creative practitioners to explore these intersections and to muse on how we might better work with and learn from the natural environment.


Mar 2 at 4 PM – Mar 3 at 4 AM

We are excited to announce and invite you to join us in celebrating and participating in Sydney’s most vibrant gathering of diverse live electronic music artists for a unique event at the fabulous Mothership Warehouse space in eclectic Marrickville on the 2nd of March 2019 from 2pm.

We have also been lucky to secure the skills of Sydney’s best electronic specialist DJ’s and VJ’s including: DJ Carl, DJ Action Ant and Visual expertise of Jack Barton, Alvin Zhong and Disaster Girl for a totally immersive experience

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Struggle Session at the Mothership

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 7:30 PM

Beijing based STRUGGLE SESSION are bringing their brutally fun brand of fastcore to Australia for the first time, with a stop in at the Mothership!!!

Joining them for this mid-week evening of debauchary are:

Sydney based Psychotic Skate Punk & Aussie Pub Thrash!

Formerly Sydney-based Extreme Post-Op Power Grinders back to disgrace Australian shores for the first time since their 2016 Humanimal tour!

Sydney miscreants with lashings of D-Beat, Grind, Crust, Punk and Metal up their shattered sleeves.

Fastcore forever – sleep fucken never!!!


Feb 16 at 7:30 PM – Feb 17 at 12 PM

Dinner: Katherine Walsh
Deserts: Alicia Boyd
Live music :
Bella Fiorentino, Hamish Brown, Nathan Kovesy, Shalane Connors.
Ambiance: Babe Rave.

Our feet have grown weary from a summer spent dancing. So we would like to invite you, the mischief makers and deep contemplators to rest and feast at our long table.

Last Easter we gave you the Resulkias Supper, again we have channeled Romanian folklore to bring you FEAST of the IELES. Join a 100 new friends at our signature long table as we feast and enjoy the last of the warm summer nights together.

Our menus include an array of dishes prepared under the watchful eye of Head Chef Katherine Walsh. Who draws her influences from a lifetime spent wondering and foraging. This banquet style event will satisfy and delight both omnivores and vegetarians.*

February DEJA (?????????? ???)

First DEJA back for 2019 !!!

Come join us for what’s looking to be a rager with some of this city’s favourite new bands ?

No man date? No man, date!
Dub punk and punk dub!


Uncle Vinnie and his dear nephews Thomas, Nicholas and Andrew have some music for you.

Doors at 7, music at 8

The Brain That Wouldn’t Die

~A PINK FLAMINGO VALENTINE’S SPECIAL~ When a beautiful young woman loses her head in a tragic accident, her jerk scientist fiancée sees only one option: find her a new body, and fast! As he searches burlesque clubs and beauty contests for an “appropriate” replacement, his poor bae realises she has become just one of his hideous experiments: THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE!

Doors at 7pm, “””sexy””” shorts + feature start 8pm. Entry by donation xx