Empire of Passion

Thursday 10.10.19 from 7pm

PINK FLAMINGO CINEMA presents Empire of Passion

Nagisa Ōshima made EMPIRE OF PASSION (愛の亡霊,1978) two years after his infamous “Realm of the Senses”, but despite sharing themes of sexual obsession and rebellion the two films couldn’t be more different.

Far from the Tokyo decadence of SENSES, EMPIRE is deeply rooted both in the natural world of a remote Edo-period village, and the supernatural of a ghostly revenge kaidan as a pair of lovers defies tradition and embarks on a terrible path of self destruction.
*Please be aware this film contains depictions of sexual violence*

Doors at 7:30, movie 8pm. Entry by donation.
Pink Flamingo Cinema exists on the land of the Gadigal and Wangal People of the Eora Nation, from whom sovereignty was never ceded.

FB Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/462448274617027/

Stranger K*ngs

Friday 18.10.19 from 8pm

Grab your bicycles and peddle fast past Pennywise, because you’ve been invited to STRANGER K*NGS!! A new queer performance night where those who feel brave enough risk it all on stage for your enjoyment!!

STRANGER K*NGS celebrates the weird and wonderful in Sydney’s drag community. It is a space for performers of every kind to try something different and have some fun. It is a celebration of the King community, as well as an inclusive space for AFAB, AMAB, and everyone to explore themselves and let loose.

Attendees are encouraged to dress up/dress down to their deepest desires. There will be a runway with prizes for strutting your stuff. SK also wants to promote and encourage fetish and kink expression.


LGBTQIA+ Safe Space

Accessability Friendly

Stranger K*ngs acknowledges this party takes place on stolen land. The land of the Gadigal and Wangal people of the Eora Nation. Sovereignty was never ceded and the fight against driscrimination continues to this day. We recognise and acknowledge elders past, present and emmerging, as well as their connection to the land, water and its culture. Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.

FB Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1377215319095382/?active_tab=about

Garden Reflexxx Presents…

Saturday 5.10.19 from 7pm

Welcome back, for our second issue of Garden Reflexxx Presents!

It’s been three months since our first event (quoi?!) and we’re setting fire to the rain with a film night of art from local garden and the internet-ional movie-forest, Saturday 5th October.

Xnorkpowka (Aus) – Jesse Kanda (Canada, Japan) – Kenesha “Murdamommy” Sheridan and Wills Glasspiegel (USA) – Bentley Brown (USA, Chad) – Martin Bruch (Austria) – Freya Aisbitt and Ellie Bailey (Aus) – Mireille Eid (Aus/Lebanon) – Yousuf Khan Noor (Bangladesh) and André Shannon (gay) – Ray Farkas (USA) – Kymon Palau (Tonga/USA) + DJ set by Xnorkpowka

These premieres, never-befores and back-for-mores are free from hype production, made with soft hands, AND we have an intl DVD player giveaway for someone lucky!

BOOK NOW: Tickets are $5 – $10 https://tinyurl.com/yyvw5f6b

If you can’t afford a ticket but want to come please DM us your name. Pink Flamingo Cinema is fully accessible.

Always was – always will be – Aboriginal land.

Film writing by Innas Tsuroiya/co-curation by Sione Monu + Max Boutwell-Draper, with further research help by Megan Hanson/Poster by Alex Tanazefti

FB Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/776317992826487/


Friday 4.10.19 from 7.30pm

ON SALE NOW AT: http://www.awfwrestling.com.au/item/209/AWF+Ladder+To+Glory+Tickets.htm

The Australasian Wrestling Foundation’s next event Ladder to Glory will be an electric night of all ages pro-wrestling that any true grapple fan will not want to miss!

AWF’s July “CitySlam” event at Mothership Studios saw a sell out crowd enjoy an action packed event of up close and personal skilled professional wrestling!

“Ladder To Glory” will look to top the excitement of the last event, and present the next installment in AWF action and story in Marrickville, NSW.

Be sure to book early and not miss out on being part of AWF Ladder To Glory, as this event will be another level up and continue the momentum and great atmosphere of AWF Respect Pro-Wrestling!


  • Main Event AWF Commonwealth Title Ladder Match: Abaddon Vs Whiskey Sixx (C) AWF
  • Tag Team Champions Challenged: “Driving Force” Chris Rukker & Grant Linstrom VS “Rock N Rolla” Lucius Wulfe & Vinnie Vain
  • Classic Wrestling: Darius Vega Vs TNT
  • Contender’s Battle: Keegan Brettle Vs DJaysonic
  • Rising Stars: Wesley Williams Vs Mad Maxx (Chile)
  • Veteran Vs Rookie: Shane Saw Vs JD Strauss


  • What: AWF Ladder To Glory
  • When: Friday 4 October, 2019 – Doors 7:30pm, Belltime 8pm
  • Where: Mothership Studios: 18-22 Sydney St, Marrickville, NSW
  • Tickets: VIP Front Row: $30 (Only 30 seats!), General Admission: $25 (Limited Seating) Purchase online: http://www.awfwrestling.com.au/events/index.htm
  • Merchandise, Snacks and Drinks available at the venue
  • All Ages Event

Thanks for your support of AWF – Proud to be Pro-Wrestling

FB Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/347567652793747/?active_tab=about

Neon Slime Mixtape Lounge Party

Thursday 3.10.19 from 7.30pm

PINK FLAMINGO CINEMA – Neon Slime Mixtape Lounge Party

WE’RE BACK AND WE’RE VERY RELAXED so relaxed in fact that for one night only we’ll be bringing the intimate & exclusive lounge room video nasty party time with a very special mixtape from Bleeding Skull Video.

The first entry in our October-long horror fest is a mashup of shorts, trailers and the very best bits of the slimiest straight-to-video you’ll ever see.

Doors 7:30pm, shorts from 8pm, entry by donation.

Pink Flamingo cinema exists on the land of the Gadigal and Wangal people of the Eora Nation. Sovereignty was never ceded.

FB Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/373912400187027/

Got Daddy Issues?

OPENING Thursday 12.9.19 at 8pm

Think Sydney is sedate? Try again sweetie.

Buckle up! It’s your filthy rock eisteddfod for 2019.

Featuring a fierce line-up of contestants, Daddy Issues Dance Comp is ready to tackle the big issues and smash the patriarchy one high kick at a time.

From One Nation scandals, to the outrageous price of lemons, nothing is sacred in this subversive dance competition.

Part of the Sydney Fringe Festival program for 2019.

Thursday 12th September at 8pm (Auslan Interpreted performance)

Friday 13th September at 8pm
Saturday 14th September at 8pm

Link to FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/706255433145721/

Quota Supernova

OPENING Wednesday 11.9.19 from 6pm

Quota Supernova – Zero Gravity Galleries @ Mothership Studios

As part of the upcoming Sydney Fringe Festival, we invite you to the opening of “Quota Supernova” – An exhibition of new works by Zoë Walford and Shannon Johnson.

This show is comprised of mixed media pieces exploring Ideas of what it is to be female in all its pain and glory. A personal reflection comprising furious ponies, pole dancers and a Kings Cross witch/icon are a few allies. Using acrylic, spray paint, collage and drawing, the work moves through pop art, street art, neo expressionism and dada to create punk and whimsical works too bring joy, reflection and escapism.

Exhibition Opens: Wednesday 11th September 6pm-10pm
Fabulous guest performance by Dweeb City at 9pm

Exhibition runs from 11th – 22nd of September 2019
Gallery hours: 10 – 5 Saturdays & Sundays.
Weekdays by appointment. Zoë 0431377658. Shannon 0417456073

Zoë Walford is a mixed media artist combining collage, drawing and paint. She satirically celebrates themes such as sexuality, mythological creatures, as well as human characters in internal self-portraits. She takes influence from urban environments, films, Punk, 80’s cartoons, artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Hannah Höch, Kurt Schwitters and Gareth Sansom just to name a few.

Shannon Johnson‘s work is informed by the visual information of the city streets, from graffiti, advertisements, to deco tiles on shop fronts, and peeling paint. She explores high and low art, with influences like Warhol, Basquiat and the French Nouveaux Realiste Jacques de la Villagre. Her work incorporates collage, spray paint, drawing and tends to be quite texture heavy. Dada’s readymades and Rauschenburgs also informs her mixed media paintings. Inspiration comes in found objects, ripped posters on the streets, abandoned buildings, old books and stories, second hand toys, child hood memories, giant trees, mysterious deep-sea creatures, thunder storms, and graffiti.


FB Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/535727747166402/

The Devil’s Picturebook: Draw Three Cards

OPENING Sunday 1.9.18 6pm-8pm

This weekend, artists Heathcliff Sheridan, Kay Orchison and Tommie Kelly each bring their own distinctive interpretations to the ancient art of Tarot.

On the evening of this Sunday 1st of September, please join us between 6pm and 8pm at Mothership Studios for the launch of The Jigsaw Tarot, The Kitchen Sink Oracle and a celebration of the Forty Servants Deck.

Heathcliff Sheridan is a visual artist and practicing Wiccan.

The Jigsaw Tarot is based in his long-standing collage practice. It focuses on the use of found images to describe the nature of the Major and Minor Arcana in a minimalist modality.

His oblique symbolism demands a clarity of purpose in the reader and his textural use of photocopying and tearing distances the deck from traditional overly-prescriptive detailed illustration.

Kay Orchison is a multidisciplinary artist and accidental psychogeographer.

The Kitchen Sink Oracle is a cardification of the divinatory practice his friends insist on describing as Trashomancy: he collects things from the gutter and thinks it means stuff.

Using pareidolia and free association to read random objects as symbols and making “sentences” out of them as metaphors for possibilities distracts the mind from overthinking and allows you to surf the waves of emergent probabilities.

Art, dreams, magic and childhood all share a neurological origin aft of the frontal lobes and these cards are a portable method of tapping into that without having to walk 10km a day and collect icky things with your actual fingers.

Tommie Kelly (Ireland) is an artist and writer.

His popular magick blog Adventures in Woo Woo also features his painting and photographic work. The Forty Servants is a 40 card Oracle Deck that can be used as a Divination system and a Magical system.

Like other Oracle Card Decks, it can be easily used for Divination to gain insight on problems at hand, discover insights from the past, or look somewhat into the future.

However, unlike most other Oracle Decks it has a second purpose -a Magical purpose. The 40 Characters of the Deck can also be used as Servitors (Or Servants/ Powers/ Energies/ Archetypes) to get you more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

Exhibition continues until Saturday 7th September, by appointment only. Please call Kay on 0487 440 886 for more info.

FB Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/541110986629359/