Botanical Mechanics

Opening Night:
Friday, 15th of March at 6pm!

Curated by:
Grace Kingston

Opening Night Performances:
F.A.B. presents: Pinkwashing [Marlena Dali & Matthew Grant]
Skye Gellmann

Exhibiting artists:
Paul Matereke
Jason Wing
Cecily Lomax
Thomas Thorby-Lister
Thomas C. Chung
Jessica Pickford
Tessa Rex
Tamara Hall
Onnie O’Leary
Christie Torrington
Jordan Charles Stokes
Monika Viktoria Diak
Herbert Peppard
Rowena Grace
Angel Gill
Pewka Zilla
Susannah Boothroyd
Misty Lee Talbot
James Mudd
Liron Gilmore
Jen Campbell-Smith
Louise Campbell-Smith
Monica Fahey & Joel Cohen
Cayn Rosmarin & Leigh Perrett

The methods and systems in which plant-life communicate, grow, feed, mobilise and reproduce is fascinatingly sophisticated. Surprisingly, many of these processes and systems are mirrored in our contemporary, technologically activated lives. Botanical Mechanics brings together a diverse selection of artists, scientists and creative practitioners to explore these intersections and to muse on how we might better work with and learn from the natural environment.

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