Mothership Studios: amazing space

Welcome to Mothership Studios. We are an arts hub in Marrickville, Sydney. As of March 2018 we are home to 11 artists in residence, a gallery, a cinema, a literary press and a music stage.

At some point every first time visitor says the same two words: “Amazing space!”

The gallery is huge. Like, 56 linear metres of wall huge. And growing. Can be compartmentalised into 3 smaller galleries for simultaneous shows. 7 metre high ceiling in the main space. Controlled lighting. It’s like punk ninjas built a scale model of MONA out of a dirty furniture warehouse and some stuff from Bunnings in a week flat. Very, very much like that. Eerily like that.

Conveniently, we’re pretty much halfway between the Marrickville Bowlo and Gasoline Pony. You can’t miss us. It’s just too easy.

Also there’s a cinema. Did we mention the cinema? An actual 100-seat reconfigurable cinema. Still not over that. We have an actual cinema.

Mothership Studios curatorial policy is that art is as deep and universal a complex of the human condition as love. We’ve had art since before we were us – Neanderthals made it, small children make it – and it can use anything as its methods and materials. Anything.

You’ll see artwork from painters and game designers and authors and sculptors and more all in the same space.

If you want to show at Mothership – no matter what you do – please hit our Proposals page. We like ideas, the wilder and fresher the better, so do it now!

Mothership Studios is on the land of the Cadigal People of the Eora Nation. We acknowledge their traditional custodianship and give our respect to their Elders past and present as well as their current and ongoing achievements.

Mothership Studios is a proactive safe space and has a no-tolerance policy for any discrimination or offensive behaviour. We care for our artists and guests.